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His anguished screams made me unable to leave him

One day I received a text message asking for help with this dog Preparations for surgery had begun Half…

After Killing Thousands Of Canines For Consumption, Dog Meat Slaughterhouse Shut Down

To so many of us dog lovers in the United States, our canine companions are both our best friends…

Are Dogs Allowed in CVS?

The largest pharmacy chain in the US, CVS has over 10,000 stores across the country. Whether you are picking…

Dug Up at Dogster: December 2022 Dog Events and Dog Holidays

Happy December! While you’re collecting little goodies to stuff in your dog’s stocking, consider picking up an extra for…
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Top 5 ways to properly care for your senior pet

A senior cat or dog needs a different level of care than when they were young. The older your…

The extreme hunger and loneliness caused her to collapse more and more in the sewers

Poor Samur was pushed into a ditch by a busy highway in Dagestan By the time she was at…


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Abandoned dog plays hard-to-get on this weird and funny rescue 🤪🤷‍♂️🥰

It’s #GivingTuesday and today we can change many lives together with a special MATCHING CAMPAIGN I created here:…

Remembering Tiki, 2008-2022

Today’s post is one of the hardest we’ve ever written: we have lost our sweet Tiki. A few weeks…

New Pet Ad Campaign: Pets and People Together

Pets and People Together is a new campaign reminding all of us the the best place for pets is…

The poor puppies lived under the concrete in the cold weather

In a large industrial area, there were abandoned dogs here They lived under concrete slabs in cold weather 2…