Woman Calls Out To Dog Living In Mattress And Her Little Head Pops Through

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Stray Rescue of St. Louis is notorious for saving countless doggy lives. They stop at nothing to help stray dogs and pups abandoned by their owners. On this specific day, they came to the aid of a special dog living inside a mattress.


The rescuers walked inside an abandoned house to the back bedroom. The room was a mess! As they walked closer to the bed, they called out gently to the pup, hoping she would make her way out. That’s when the dog in need popped her little head out of the top of the mattress.


Once she made her way out, they realized she was a mama! Now it was time to save her pups too! They placed a leash around the mom, then went to work to rescue her babies. A rescue worked pulled the mattress apart, shone a light, and counted her puppies. Mama had six in total!


It amazed the volunteers how well Mama cared for her litter! The babies appeared healthy and happy! One by one, the pups were picked up and placed inside a crate. Now it was time to load the whole family into their vehicle. The rescue is both heartwarming and uplifting! Get ready to watch a feel-good story that’ll make your day!

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