Homeless Labrador and her Shepherd friend stick together until the end 🥺

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Most Hollywood movies have happy endings, but things are sometimes different in our world. Roxy (the Labrador mix) and Chloe (the Shepherd mix) lived together by the railroad tracks for AT LEAST four years, terrified of humans, and survived only thanks to Carolina Morales, who fed them since 2019!!!

When Carolina noticed a visible decline in Chloe’s health, she knew she had to do something. Luckily she found the Hope For Paws rescue videos here on #YouTube, so she emailed us about this challenging situation.

When dealing with two terrified dogs who depend on each other, I don’t like using traps because if one dog sees the other dog trapped, I may lose one forever, and it’s just not a chance I am willing to take.

Yes, these rescues are stressful, but it beats dying alone on the streets – especially with Chloe’s condition that deteriorated very quickly 😢

I don’t want to give away more over here because I hope you will watch until the end.

Please be a hero to these animals and join us with a small donation here:

To adopt Roxy, please get in touch with our friends at The Little Red Dog:

Thank you so much!


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