Dogs For Adoption In Quebec – Looking For A Puppy Pal?

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Turn back the clock to December 2004. It was my birthday and my girlfriend wanted to get me a puppy for my birthday.

She setup a day to visit Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever puppies.

After a full day of looking at purebred puppies I made the decision to wait and search rescues and shelters.

A little over a month later an Aussie Lab mix puppy was up for adoption at our local shelter.

We rushed to the shelter and quickly decided he was the pup for us.

Now it’s your turn. If you’re looking to adopt a dog and you live in Quebec then today’s blog post is for you.

Below we have an extensive list of shelters and rescues in Quebec.

Dogs for adoption quebec - dog in wire crate

My apologies as I don’t have a French version of this website.

Dogs For Adoption In Quebec

Below are all of the organizations in Quebec from which you can adopt a dog.

Please continue on to each individual organization’s website by clicking on their name to see dogs they have available for adoption or to learn more about the organization and their mission.

Adopting is a great way of bringing home a dog in need of a loving home.

Consider checking with the organizations in your area on a weekly basis if you’re looking for a specific breed before you decide to go out and buy a puppy from a breeder.

You know what they say – ‘Adopt Before You Shop!’

Rescues And Shelters In Quebec

That’s the list! Hopefully you are able to find the perfect dog for you. If not, please be patient and check back with the dog shelters and rescues near you. They are often getting new dogs on a daily basis.


Are There Small Dog Rescues In Quebec?

There is a West Highland Terrier Rescue in St Lazare, Quebec. Established in 2009, Westies In Need also services Toronto/Western Ontario and Ottawa/Eastern Ontario.

You can get in touch with them through their contact page at Westies In Need contat information.

Are There Boxer’s For Adoption In Quebec?

Yes! There is a Boxer rescue in Quebec. You can contact Boxer Rescue Quebec through their website.

Near and dear to our hearts Boxer Rescue Quebec has a section devoted to their senior dogs.

Are There Greyhounds For Adoption In Quebec?

Yes there is a Greyhound Rescue in Quebec affably named the League of Extraordinary Greyhounds.

They are located in Cote St. Luc, Quebec and you can contact them on their website at T-Legs.

Are There Pitbulls For Adoption In Quebec?

I’m happy to say there is a dog rescue committed to Pitbulls. You can visit Pit Stop Montreal Rescue for more information about their adoptable dogs.

Final Thoughts

Our first dog as an adult was rescued from our local shelter.

He was a bit of a pain in the early going but getting through those first few days and weeks were well worth it as Linus became my best friend for the next 13+ years.

If you’re looking to adopt a dog in you live in and around Quebec I recommend looking at your local shelters and if you can’t find the perfect pet then be patient.

It can take a while to find a dog that fits your lifestyle. Most of these sites are updated regularly so keep checking back for your perfect match.

Have you ever adopted a dog?

Tells us about your experience in the comment section below.

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Dogs For Adoption In Quebec - Looking For A Puppy Pal?

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