Polish dog food business launches new products

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With the demand for pet food containing game meat rapidly rising in the Polish market, local dog food specialist Dogs&Drops is rolling out a number of new products to benefit from the trend, according to senior company representatives.

“Over the past year, with our customers in mind, we have launched a new type of grain-free pet food containing rabbit meat. Within the wet pet food category, we have a new product with deer meat,” Daria Biela, the founder of Dogs&Drops, told “In the coming months, we aim to further expand our product portfolio by adding food supplements to our range.”

The firm’s founder said that Dogs&Drops considers “all grain-free dry food, wet food and cosmetics as our main and top products. Both our grain-free dry food and canned wet food are characterized by a high content of meat. Moreover, our wet food is prepared without the addition of broths or water.” 

Dogs-and-Drops-wet-food.pngPolish dog food specialist Dogs&Drops is introducing a number of new products to the market to benefit from the rising demand for pet food based on game meat. | Dogs&Drops.

Dogs&Drops presence in other pet industry segments

While the company currently focuses its efforts on its domestic market, Dogs&Drops is also holding discussions “with a few potential business partners, so that we can also develop our presence abroad,” according to Biela.

The pet food company’s founder said that it is also active in the pet care segment.

“Our brand’s cosmetics for pets are made of natural ingredients, without parabens, dyes and fragrances,” according to the entrepreneur.

Dogs&Drops is based in Bydgoszcz, in Poland’s north-western part. Production activities are carried out by the company’s partners at their production facility.

“Our pet food is made only by reliable producers in Poland and abroad,” she said. “We adhere to the principle of searching for the best available suppliers which gives us the opportunity to maintain the top quality of our pet food.” 

Biela added that, at this stage of the company’s development, investing in opening its own factory would be challenging, and it could restrict the firm’s further growth. This said, at the same time, it is a potential move that Dogs&Drops “does not reject” in the future, she said.

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