Good and Bad Play Behavior

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I am a Cesar fan and have a question regarding dogs at ‘play.’ My first obvious thought is that if your dogs have the energy to play, they need more exercise, correct?’ In any event, what types of play do you allow in your pack?

I have a very playful two-year-old, high-energy Doberman named Klohee.’ She gets along well with other dogs: play bows, lays down to bait them to play, etc., but is quite obnoxious at times about playing, i.e., does not know when to stop.’ Even after exercise, she always has enough energy to play with other dogs.’ Listed below are some of my observations of her play.’ Can you tell me which behaviors should be allowed and to what extent I should ‘break it up’ as her pack leader?’ How can I tell if the play is reciprocal or if she’s just being pushy?


  • Play bows
  • She lays down to reassure that she means no harm
  • She loves to run and play chase with other dogs (Her favorite thing)
  • Occasionally barks if they don’t bite the bait to play (Is she demanding?)
  • Bites on the back of the neck (Intensity varies on another dog)
  • Nips at legs
  • Plays the bite-each-other’s mouth game?
  • Licks other dogs’ faces
  • She sometimes gives the other dogs her toys/chewies (A bribe, perhaps?)

Thanks in advance!’ I could use your advice on this one.’ I know the basics on dog body language but need clarification on the whole play thing.’ It looks like they both enjoy it, but they play rough to the human eye!

Bryan Bone

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