France tops cats per capita; French companies’ 2021 revenue

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France had the largest population of pet cats per capita in 2021. France was also home to the most reptile pets overall, according to the FEDIAF report “Facts & Figures 2021.” The rankings of pet populations in various European countries didn’t necessarily reflect the prevalence of pet ownership. More populous nations inherently tended to have more pets. However, ordering the top five cat populations in Europe by per capita pet ownership caused different patterns to emerge. Russia dropped from first to fifth in pet cat population, while France rose to the top. Considering the six nations with highest cat populations, I divided FEDIAF pet data by the human population in 2021, according to World Bank statistics using Eurostat data. 

The French dog, cat and other pet food companies listed below appear in Petfood Industry’s Top Companies Current Data.

French dog, cat and other pet food companies’ revenue 2021

Natura Plus Ultra Pet Food – Pet Food Producer selling its brands Ultra Premium direct via direct to consumer in France , Belgium, Italy, Germany (#1 D2C in France).

  • Annual revenue: US$34,600,000              

Neovia – Neovia, owned by Archer Daniels Midland Company, is a major pet food player with strong positions in Brazil and Mexico through its subsidiaries Total Alimentos and Malta Texo de Mexico (maltaCleyton), respectively. The company is also present in France, exports to more than 50 countries, and has a presence in Asia — particularly Vietnam and the Philippines.

  • Annual revenue: US$318,700,000

Normandise Pet Food – Normandise Pet Food is a French pet food manufacturer. The company is located in the vicinity of many slaughterhouses as well as fish and vegetable markets that are able to supply it with fresh ingredients. It is able to offer wet products in alu-trays and pouches, and dry products in bags and buckets with a wide variety of flavors and texture options. The company is owned by family holding Daumfin SAS.

  • Annual revenue: US$144,000,000

Sopral – Sopral’s dry pet foods are sold in more than 50 countries. The company is based in France.

  • Annual revenue: US$60,000,000

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