Princess Madeleine of Sweden Adopts Neglected Rescue Dog

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Like many of her family members, Princess Madeleine of Sweden is a dog lover. So, when she saw an adorable rescue dog needing a home, she couldn’t resist. A formerly neglected dog ended up in a shelter in Miami, Florida, and Princess Madeleine fell in love.

Madeleine and her family moved to Florida from Sweden in 2018. They regularly travel back to Sweden to see their other family members, but Florida is now the place they call home. Their new pup is the second dog to join Princess Madeleine’s family since she arrived in the Sunshine State.

From Unloved to Spoiled

The family’s newest addition is a 3-year-old Havanese named Oreo. Before he arrived at the shelter, Oreo lived at a house where he was tied up outside almost 24/7, forced to suffer in the Florida heat. So, when Madeleine brought him home, he got to experience true love for the first time.

To introduce the pup to her fans, Madeleine posted about him on Instagram. In the post, she included two photos of him outside, along with one where he’s next to his new canine sibling, Teddy.

“Please meet Oreo! He is a 3-yr old Havanese, who we recently adopted from a great shelter in Miami. Prior to that, Oreo was not treated well and was tied up outside, under the Florida elements, for most of the day and night,” Madeleine wrote in the caption.

Several members of the Swedish royal family are dog lovers, as proven in the family’s 2021 reunion photo. The King and Queen’s dog, Brandy, and the Crown Princess’s dog, Rio, made it into the picture.

Part of the Family

Princess Madeleine and her husband, Christopher O’Neill, have had Teddy at least since 2020, but they didn’t introduce him on social media until 2022. Luckily, the Goldendoodle has quickly accepted Oreo into his pack and seems happy to have a canine brother.

“Today, [Oreo] gets to make us laugh and show us what a tender and loving soul he has (and, yes, Teddy and he are total buddies who can’t stop playing with each other)!” Princess Madeleine wrote.

The couple also has three children (Leonore, Nicolas, and Adrienne) who love the dogs very much. Many people commented on the princess’s Instagram post to congratulate her on adopting a dog. Hopefully, Oreo’s adoption will remind others that there are always lots of incredible rescue dogs looking for forever homes.

Featured Image: Instagram

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