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Benefits of Acupressure for Dogs

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acupressure for dogs

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While dogs bring so much joy into our lives, our four-legged friends experience aches, pain, and stress just like we do. One healing modality gaining traction with dog parents is acupressure. The traditional Chinese medicine practice involves applying pressure to specific points on your pup’s body. This pressure increases the flow of energy, thereby restoring your pooch back to health. Acupressure for dogs is similar to acupuncture but is less invasive. It also doesn’t trigger your pup’s fear of needles!

Dogs have over 150 unique pressure points throughout their furry little bodies, from their face, head, and ears to their limbs, paws, and abdomens. By paying attention to these crucial spots, your pup can get back on their feet and feel lively again.


How Does Acupressure for Dogs Work?

According to Canine Journal, acupressure’s effectiveness is fourfold:

1) It prompts the body to release natural pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory substances

2) It relaxes muscles

3) It increases oxygenation and blood flow

4) It removes toxins and metabolic waste

What Conditions Can Acupressure Treat?

Acupressure isn’t a cure-all, but it can improve many facets of your pup’s health, both mental and physical.

If your four-legged friend suffers from irritability, anxiety, or nervousness, acupressure on your pup’s head can help alleviate it by inducing calm and promoting relaxation. Digestive issues and car sickness can also be remedied with acupressure. If your pup suffers from chronic issues like back pain or arthritis, there are pressure points that can help ease the ache. Even discomfort from serious diseases like cancer can be reduced through the wonders of acupressure.

If your pup is lacking that pep in his step, consider giving acupressure a try. As with any treatment, consult your vet first to make sure acupressure is an appropriate treatment option for him, and while you’re at it, ask for referrals to canine acupressure specialists in your area.

Here’s to better health for your furry friend!

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