No babies left behind (see description below)

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When I am thinking about no babies left behind, I am thinking about a situation where something happens to you, and then there is no one to take care of your babies – your pets. Most people think that their family members will take their pets in, but my experience shows that it’s just not true. So many animals are thrown to the streets, abandoned in shelters, and in order to prevent that situation, YOU have to be proactive about this.

We teamed up with FreeWill so you can write your own Will TODAY for FREE and it will take only 15-20 minutes of your time:

It is so critical to figure out who will take your pets in case something happens to you, it’s also important to have a backup plan as people’s situation change. I know it’s a bit of an uncomfortable thing to think about or talk about, but I know you would NEVER want your pet to end up like Woody:

Please start this process today… even if you will just put 2 minutes into it, and then you can complete it when you have some free time next week. Life is so fragile and in the past two weeks, two friends of mine lost two friends to car accidents.

Here is the link to get this process started:

If you have any questions on the subject, please email me and I will spend the whole day answering your questions: (just click on contact us).

Thank you so much Sante D’Or for fostering this family and handling their adoption. If you would like to adopt Cabbage, Butter, Arugula, Little Gem, Romaine, or Endive, please contact them directly here:

Thank you so much for supporting #HopeForPaws on our mission to save #Cats and #kittens


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