Frozen Treats for the Dog Days of Summer

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frozen dog treats

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Summer is winding down, but there is still plenty of hot weather ahead for you and your pup to explore the outdoors, enjoy a day at the lake, or play a frisky game of fetch in the backyard. Dogs can get dehydrated in the heat just like humans, so keeping your pet cool with frozen dog treats is a healthy addition to an active summer lifestyle.

Pupsicles are easy to make, convenient to store in your freezer, and can be a wholesome part of your pup’s diet. Veterinarian and Pet Nutritionist Deborah E. Linder at Tufts University suggests trying sweet or savory frozen flavors to find what most appeals to your dog’s taste buds. She also recommends balancing your pet’s meals by keeping track of your dog’s food intake. Even healthy snacks can cause a pet to gain weight if too many treats are offered in addition to regular meals.


Freeze Fruity Flavors for Yummy Frozen Dog Treats

Many dogs enjoy frozen fruit, especially blueberries, raspberries, and melon.

“While you’ll want to avoid any fruits that can be toxic or harmful to dogs (e.g., grapes), there are many high moisture options that can provide a refreshing and low calorie treat!” says Dr. Linder. Peeled and cored frozen fruit can be shared with your pup throughout the day or even added to their meal for a little variety.

Create Savory Bites for a Cool Crunchy Munch

Does your dog  prefer a savory flavor of treat? Whip up frozen beefy crunch snacks with some broth and an ice-cube tray. If you are purchasing broth, read the label carefully. Onions and garlic can be toxic to pets, and commercial brands can be high in sodium. Let the cubes of frozen broth soften slightly first to avoid damaging your dog’s teeth. Stored in the freezer, pieces of broccoli or cooked sweet potato make tasty snacks with a nutritional boost.

Dogs restricted to a special diet can still enjoy a cold treat. Simply soft-freeze their wet food for a refreshing snack or dinner. Mixing dry food with water and freezing to a semi-frozen consistency works, too. Virtually every dog can get in on chomping good meals or treats from a chill summer munch menu!

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