Flea & Tick Prevention for Dachshunds: A Safe & Effective 4 Step Plan

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Nothing is more frustrating than finding a flea or tick on your beloved dachshund. In addition to driving your dachshund crazy, fleas and ticks can carry dangerous parasites and threaten the health of your beloved pup.

In this article, we’ll discuss a strategy for naturally preventing fleas and ticks from bothering your dachshund. In addition we’ll discuss the pros and cons of using natural methods compared to traditional chemical based pesticides.

Why Many Dachshund Parents Are Turning To Safer, Natural Flea & Tick Control Methods

Many pet parents are expressing concerns about using pesticide/chemical based bug repellants. In August of 2021, the FDA again warned dog and cat owners about the possible adverse effects of chemical flea repellants, including seizures, muscle tremors and ataxia. While the FDA states the majority of pets on these medications show no side-effects, a growing number of pet parents, including members of this 40,000+ member community on Facebook, beg to differ.

In addition to safety concerns, chemical based pesticides have an inherent flaw: fleas and ticks can adapt over time and become immune to the effects. This is why so many people have to rotate brands of traditional flea control products.

Chemical based pesticides, however, can be very effective for most dogs and can potentially prevent infestations better than natural methods. Ultimately, the choice is up to you and your veterinarian.

Even if you use pesticide based flea control products, you might consider also adding in natural flea/tick repellants which can be used along with traditional flea products, and boost their effectiveness.

4 Step Strategy for Safe & Effective Natural Flea & Tick Prevention for Your Dachshund

Natural prevention methods can work for your dachshund, if you can be diligent about these 4 areas:

#1 – Protect your dachshund from the inside out

Using nutrition and a natural supplement like these brewer’s yeast and garlic chews mentioned above, you can make your dachshund’s body inhospitable to fleas. Most dogs find the chews very tasty, and think they’re getting a treat.

#2 – Protect your dachshund from the outside in

Natural pet-safe essential oil sprays (many available on Amazon) can be applied to your dachshund’s fur and bedding, which helps prevents bugs from making their home on these surfaces.

#3 – Don’t forget about your yard and home!

A complete natural pest control program cannot ignore your dog’s environment. Even if you rid your dog of fleas, they will keep infesting your dog if the eggs exist in your home or yard. Our favorite natural method of killing fleas in and around your home is by using diatomaceous earth, available on Amazon or at most hardware stores.

Another option is using a natural yard spray. Wondercide is a popular brand.

#4 – Check your dachshund daily for fleas and ticks

During the warmer months, make sure to check inspect your dachshund daily for fleas and ticks, especially if they spend a significant amount of time outdoors. Often times a sign of fleas will be flea dirt, the waste product that fleas leave behind in your dog’s fur. A flea comb is a simple tool that will help you discover these pests on your dachshund.

It should be noted that if your dog is already infested with fleas, you’re going to need to first rid them of the bugs before a natural flea repellant strategy can be effective.

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More Frequently Asked Questions About Flea & Tick Control Products for Dachshunds

What’s better for my dachshund, natural or traditional pesticide based flea & tick products?

Ultimately, this is a question only you and your vet can answer. In our personal opinion, natural methods are less effective, but also less prone to dangerous side effects. Pesticide based products can also be easier to administer, but that downsides are possible side effects, some of which seem to be increasing.

What are the most common side effects of flea & tick medications for dachshunds?

According to the FDA, the most common reported side effects for Isoxazoline products have been associated with neurologic adverse reactions, including muscle tremors, ataxia (cordination & balance problems), & seizures in some dogs and cats.

Is Bravecto, NexGard, Simparica, Seresto and K9 Advantix II Safe for Dachshunds?

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