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Canadian Foundation Supports Pet Parents Battling Canine Cancer

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(Photo Credit: Kali’s Wish Facebook)

When Laura Leah English lost Kali, her 7-year-old Golden Retriever, to cancer, she channelled her grief into giving back. Thus, she launched Kali’s Wish Cancer Foundation, an organization that helps other dog parents get through the devastating diagnosis of canine cancer. It is the first registered charity in Canada dedicated to helping families facing pet cancer, with a focus on education and support.

The Inspiration Behind the Foundation

English says Kali “could look right into your soul and know exactly what I was thinking and feeling.”


Sadly, her beloved companion collapsed one morning. She had a cancerous tumor that burst and caused internal bleeding.

“Her diagnosis was devastating… to watch your 7-year-old child, even though she had four legs and fur, be so sick. She lived five weeks, until the day that she looked me in the eyes and told me she was done…we said our goodbyes,” said English, choking back her tears. “Kali was my heart dog,” she continues.

Following Kali’s death, English explains how she wrote a letter to someone with a cancer support website, “I don’t even remember much, mostly Kali was speaking through me…to help families make decisions for their pets, not just when a diagnosis is made but also to help them steer their way through that.”

How Kali’s Wish Helps

Their online Health Hub includes information and resources for pet cancer prevention, symptoms, treatments, and more. Additionally, if you are in Canada and dealing with a canine cancer diagnosis, you can request a free care package for your dog and connect with other pet parents dealing with pet cancer.

Pet parents are also invited to join Kali’s Wish Pet Cancer Support Group. English explains the benefits, “You have a place to connect with others and learn from their experiences. If you are facing a pet cancer diagnosis or loss of a pet please connect with us; or, if you have been through this journey years ago and want to share, please do. This group is set up for you! We can help each other heal and navigate through the traumatic experiences of pet cancer.”

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