Poor Puppy Found Lying on Side of the Road like a Broken Toy

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This poor little was found dying on the side of the road. He was lying on the road like a broken toy. He was so exhausted and unable to move. There were no people around that area but fortunately, he had been rescued by a passerby.

His skin was so itchy he tried constantly bite and lick it to ease the itchiness. He struggled so hard to stay alive and survive. He proved to be a fighter. He got tick fever, and treatments were started but he developed anemia. He also has problems with walking.

Never give up on hope, that is a lesson we learned from Harika. He was so weak despite all the treatments but he just sat down to rest a bit and tried again. After just two days at the vet, he started trying to walk. He’s so trusting and loves humans’ attention.

His condition is better every day. We hope his story can bring help to others in need of it. We would like to thank every support and every donation. Thank you to everyone for giving Harika a second chance.

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