Invoxia to form scientific advisory board

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Next week Invoxia will announce the formation of its scientific advisory board that is supporting the industry and the development of new products that pave the way for a shift change in pet health monitoring, early condition detection and tracking. Made up of high-profile veterinarians specializing in cardiology and pathologies linked to canine aging, each member brings specific medical expertise about topics that are at the heart of the technology Invoxia is developing. This leading board will push forward the boundaries of animal health and put its expertise at the service of pet health.

In January, Invoxia announced the first biometric dog collar at CES 2022. Smart Dog Collar brings a new dimension to pet health. It can monitor a dog’s respiratory and heart health and track its movements in real-time, using specialist radar sensors that can detect even through the thickest of furs. Sleek and comfortable, this preventative health tool enables early detection of diseases even before the first symptoms appear. 

The new scientific advisory board and Invoxia are dedicated to revolutionizing the understanding of pet health and opening a door to real time monitoring that can truly enable lifetime pet health and wellbeing. 

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