I crawled 100ft underground to save this baby – pretty scary!

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Thinking about the possibility of an earthquake while crawling down there is a terrible idea, but I just couldn’t help it. In addition to that, this is a dangerous environment with the gasses down below, so please NEVER do that and call for professional help!

Sushi got so scared of fireworks, so he ran for cover, dropped 15 feet, and had no chance of getting out of that place! Luckily, a woman working at a sushi restaurant heard his calls for help and knew to text #HopeForPaws

When Loreta Frankonyte and I arrived, we knew this would be tricky because he could run through this pipe system, disappear, and eventually starve to death. We deployed a ladder, I went down, sealed one side of the pipe, and then walked across the parking lot and went down again in order to complete the 100ft long crawl on my belly.

Any mistake on my end would mean death for this little baby, so I had to be careful, and remaining on my belly gave me a better ability to see what was happening and enabled me to react faster.

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It was so incredible to me how sweet this little Sushi is considering that he was never touched by a human before! He must have known that without us, he wouldn’t be alive today.

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Have a fun and safe 4th of July!

Please keep your pets safe ❤️


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