Heartbroken Rescue of Blind Mama Dog and Her Puppies Abandoned on the Street

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This is how they found Molly and her puppies. They were abandoned on the side of the street. The mama dog is named Molly. She has bad eye infections and she could not see at all.

Molly has four puppies and they’re in good health condition. Molly is such a strong mom that she protected her puppies despite her pain. Molly had to separate from her puppies for her treatment.

It’s so heartbroken. Molly had to be surgery to remove her both eyeballs. He lost her both vision but she still has a zest for life. She’s such a sweet soul and recovered well from the surgery.

She will be cared for and loved for the rest of her life. Thanks everyone for your kindness and love. Molly and her puppies will live a good life.

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