Dog Lost All Her Fur and Has Been Abandoned on the Street

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Trinity has spent an unknown amount of time on the streets. She was in really rough shape. She’s covered in itchy mange, burrs, raw spots, and fleas. The saddest part is that she is SO sweet and looks totally defeated.

She smells SO bad and she’s exhausted. She was taken to veterinary care by Holly Dool. They shaved her fur and bathed her with medicated shampoo. They slather her in Coconut oil and she’s on antibiotics for her skin.

She’s doing amazing. She’s so so happy. She’s potty trained. She LOVES to eat and she’s starting to chew bones and play. Her skin looks great after just 5 days. She’s the sweetest dog and gets along well with other dogs.

Trinity girl is loving life. She LOVES movie night on the couch and loves to sleep in bed with her Human. We’re so thankful to all the kind-hearted people for giving her a new life.

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