2-Month-Old Puppy Lost His Little Eye Due to a Street Fight

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Rescuers got a call to help this little stray puppy. He lived on the street without any assistance. Unfortunately, another stray dog hurt him while fighting, losing his sight. His right eyeball was terribly come out.

He needs URGENT to do a surgical procedure of enucleation with BLOOD TRANSFUSION. They rushed him to SOS VETERINÁRIA clinic. He would have not survived another day with treatment. Thank God, they got him in time.

The surgery went successfully after over two hours. He’s safe but he’s completely lost his right vision. He’s such a real fighter and he was so calm. They named him “Gorran”. He has received good nursing and cuddles love.

Despite his pain, he was so trusting and wagged his tail to thank his rescuers. He recovered well from the surgery and was much stronger. Finally, he found his new mom and family. We are extremely grateful to everyone for giving Gorran a bright life.

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