Little Puppy Suffers from Horrific Demodex Mange – His Recovery Will Melt Your Heart

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This is little Bodaque. He’s so little but he suffered a lot. He has Demodex mange. It made his face super swollen, and infected and does not allow him to open his eyes.

He’s under treatment, eating special food, with vitamins, antibiotics, and special baths. He could only be given half a pill of Bravecto. Each day, he fights against the pain.

Little by little, his condition is improved and he can open his eyes. After two months of hospitalization, Bodaque is fully recovered. It’s an amazing recovery.

It’s a heartbroken rescue but turns into heartwamring. Bodaque is such a sweet boy, he loves to play and he’s very smart. Thanks for the help and all donations in giving him a new life.

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