Kitten crying for help from a burnt building 😿💔

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Sometimes we have to make tactical retreats in order to come back later and complete the job. When we received a text on the #HopeForPaws line about #BettyBoop, Loreta Frankonyte, Bradley Krugh and I headed out right away. Unfortunately, the property owner called the security company on us, and we were asked to leave the area.

I explain the situation so nicely, but it didn’t work. Instead of arguing and aggravating the situation, I decided we should leave, and sneak in later that day.

I figured the guard will be gone around 5:00 PM, and sure enough, as I returned, I saw him leaving, so I knew this is my chance before the next guard arrives.

The rest of the story is in this video… it’s really best to just watch it 🖤🤍
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I am posting this and heading out with Loreta, Katie, and Alex to rescue dogs out in the desert.

Betty Boop is fostered by our friends at #FoxyAndTheHounds and over there she met Baby Esther (her video will be posted on Friday).

If you would like to adopt them, please contact:

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