Alone on the streets for 6 month with a painful injury 😲😰 14th. Anniversary video! ❤️

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So many rescues require us to drive long distances, so we have to be very patient and not spook the animals so we wouldn’t have to go home and come back another day. Tomorrow Hope For Paws is celebrating its 14th year anniversary, and we have all the experience, patience, and love for these animals. Our work is possible only thanks to your support and in just a few days our capacity to help is going to DOUBLE with the opening of a NEW branch of CARES! You can read all about it here and help us fill this hospital with animals in need of medical care and a loving forever home:

Polly found refuge in a parking lot of a brand new #Hilton that is being built these days. Luckily for her, Evan Daniel who was working on this project fed her for six month, but sadly, she was too scared to let him help her. He called different rescues in the area but wasn’t able to get help, and as this construction project was coming to an end, he got nervous that she will be left behind.

He found #HopeForPaws online, texted me, shared a couple of photos along with her story, and shortly after, Loreta Frankonyte and I headed out to get her.

The first few moments of the rescue seemed promising as if this is going to be EASY, but it definitely wasn’t. After a few failed attempts, Loreta’s inner ninja came to life, and she accomplished this rescue beautifully!

The transformation is so amazing and our friends at Smooch Pooch Dog Rescue really turned her around and she is now ready to find a loving forever home. If you would like to adopt her, please contact them directly:

Tomorrow (Saturday), for Hope For Paws’ official birthday, Loreta and I will do a LIVE STREAM here on #YouTube. We hope to see you all back here 🥰


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