Abandoned in the desert and found by a man who adopted our Hippo πŸ¦›

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More and more dogs are abandoned out in the desert and just earlier this week, Loreta, Katie, Alex and I rescued 8 more dogs (one was even shot). Ragnar and Ronan are such great loyal and friendly dogs and they had no idea why their previous owner would do that to them.

Luckily, they were spotted by Andrew who adopted Hippo from this rescue video: (another collaboration between #HopeForPaws and #LAAnimalRescue).

JoAnn Wiltz and Alex Babcock headed out to the desert and together they accomplished this mission successfully.

It’s another busy day here, so I will just tell you that you have 12 more days to get your own Hope For Paws T-shirts, V-necks and Hoodies. If you will order during these 12 days, our partners at #Bonfire will add a LUCKY LEASH for FREE into your bag:

We are getting closer to reaching our matching goal and I hope you can join us there:

If you would like to adopt Ronan or Ragnar, please contact our friends at L.A. Animal Rescue:

Thank you for being a part of our team,


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