Kitten heard his mom calling, and that was the exact moment when…

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Sometimes, a decisive and super-fast move is needed, but we do whatever it takes to save them! Katie McKittrick knew that she may pay in blood for this, but she was not leaving anyone behind!
It’s the baby season in the animal kingdom, and we need your help so we can save many more animals off the streets before they become feral, and before they start producing more and more and more kittens. If you can, please join us today with a small donation here: – A $5 monthly donation will ensure we can continue saving lives month after month, and together we can create many more happy endings.

This family is fostered by our friends at Santé D’Or and if you would like to adopt the mom, #CocoChanel or one of her babies #Burberry #ChristianLouboutin #Halston #ManoloBlahnik or #LouisVuitton – please contact them directly here:

I want to share links to our TOP 3 cat rescue videos EVER:

Almost 50 MILLION views between these three rescues.

Which one is your favorite? 😻


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