Can Dogs Eat Radishes? Are Radishes Safe For Dogs?

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Can dogs eat radishes? You may be asking this because you want to feed your furry friend a crunchy new snack, or maybe your pup took a bite of a radish and you’re wondering if it’s safe. Humans can eat radishes, so are they also safe for dogs to eat?

The short answer is yes, radishes are safe for dogs to eat. The radish is a root veggie that can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all of which are safe for your dog in moderation.


However, as with every human food, be sure to contact your veterinarian before feeding your dog any new dietary additions. Here’s what you should know about feeding radishes to your dog.

How Are Radishes Good For Dogs?

Radishes are part of the brassica group of vegetables, which includes cabbage and Brussels sprouts. These veggies are low-calorie and have high nutritional value.

Radishes are a fantastic source of vitamin C, which aids in boosting your pup’s immune system. They’re also high in folate, which is essential to cell growth and function.

In addition to these health benefits, a lot of dogs simply like the crunch of radishes. This crunch can act as a “toothbrush” of sorts, scraping away plaque sitting your dog’s teeth. If your dog is stubborn when it comes to dental hygiene, radishes are a good option.

How Can I Safely Give Radishes To My Dog?

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Your dog can eat radishes raw or cooked. To ensure that your pup is getting the most nutrients, buying organic radishes is the way to go. You should also thoroughly wash the veggies before giving them to your pup.

While there are several types of radishes, the most common radish in North America is the daikon, which is smaller and is usually purple, pink, or white.

Your dog can eat radish with the skin on but be sure to chop the radish into smaller pieces to minimize the risk of choking.

If you chose to cook your pup’s radishes, boiling, steaming, or roasting are all good options. Leave out the seasonings and oils, as these are tasty for humans but can hurt your pup’s stomach.

Has your dog ever eaten a radish? Did they like the crunchy texture? Leave us a comment below!

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