Can Dogs Eat Hamburgers? Are Hamburgers Safe For Dogs?

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Can dogs eat hamburgers? You may be asking this because you want your dog to feel included at a cookout, or maybe your pup took a bite of your fast food. Humans can eat hamburgers, so are they also safe for dogs to eat?

There is no short yes or no answer as to whether dogs can eat hamburgers. If “hamburger” only refers to the beef or turkey patty, dogs can safely eat plain ground beef or turkey. In fact, both of these meats are great sources of nutrients for your dog!


But, if “hamburger” means the works of the entire sandwich, you should not share your hamburger with your dog, as it likely contains ingredients that are not healthy for pooches.

As with all human food, if you plan to give your dog a plain ground beef hamburger patty, you must consult your veterinarian first. Here’s what you should know about feeding hamburgers to your dog.

When Are Hamburgers Good For Dogs?

Dogs are perfectly fine to eat plain ground beef or turkey hamburger patties. Plain, unseasoned ground beef is high in protein and essential fatty acids that help your pup be their healthy selves.

Ground turkey burgers are also good for your pup and have similar beneficial qualities to ground beef. Again, you must serve these patties plain.

While your pup is perfectly safe eating a fully cooked, plain ground beef or turkey patty, the best way to cook either of these meats for your dog is to sauté them in a pan without oil or boil them until they are no longer pink.

While it’s best to avoid cooking your dog’s food with oils, some oils are okay to feed your dog in moderation.

When Are Hamburgers Bad For Dogs?

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Hamburgers can be bad for dogs unless they are prepared using the methods above. Hamburgers made for humans are usually not good for dogs, especially if they eat more than just the patty.

Buns are sugary and not healthy for pups, and other additions to hamburgers, like onions, are downright dangerous for dogs to eat.

If your dog has eaten a hamburger with a dangerous ingredient like onions, you should call your veterinarian. While plain ground beef or turkey is fine for your doggo, your pup should steer clear of eating any full hamburgers that have been prepared for humans.

Has your dog ever had a bite of your hamburger? Do they enjoy a nice beef or turkey patty as a treat? Let us know in the comments below!

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