Can Dogs Eat Cottage Cheese? Is Cottage Cheese Safe For Dogs?

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Can dogs eat cottage cheese? You may be asking this because you want to feed your dog a cheese snack, or maybe your dog got into some cottage cheese already and you’re worried about their health. Humans can eat cottage cheese, so is it also safe for dogs to eat?

The short answer is yes, cottage cheese is safe for dogs to eat. Cottage cheese has beneficial qualities that can aid in your pup’s health, or it can be tasty treat to differentiate from the day-to-day meals your dog gets.


However, as with all human food, be sure to contact your veterinarian before giving your dog cottage cheese. Here’s what you should know about feeding cottage cheese to your dog.

How Is Cottage Cheese Good For Dogs?

Cottage cheese is fermented, meaning the lactose content in the dairy product is minimal. Lactose can be upsetting to some dog’s tummies, but the nutritional value in cheeses can be beneficial for your pup.

Because it is high in protein but lacking in lactose, cottage cheese is a great middle ground. Protein gives your pup energy by providing essential amino acids for cell and body function.

Cottage cheese has healthy fats and is also high in calcium, making it one of the better cheese options for your doggo. While cottage cheese is not the only source of protein, fat, or calcium a dog should get, it can be a good occasional substitute or addition to their diet.

How Can I Safely Give Cottage Cheese To My Dog?

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Cottage cheese can be given to your dog as it comes in the container. There is not much you need do to prepare cottage cheese differently from how it is bought in the store. What you should do is control how much cottage cheese your furry friend gets.

A little cottage cheese every now and then is great way to boost your dog’s energy level or help them recover from sickness.

Because cottage cheese contains dairy, you should let your dog try a small portion and monitor them for any negative reactions. Most dogs will not have a major reaction to lactose, but it is possible.

Has your dog ever eaten cottage cheese? Have you ever fed it to your dog after a stomach bug to help ease their tummy? Let us know in the comments below!

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