Can Dogs Eat Carrots? (Yes, Yes They Can!)

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Carrots are healthy human food and safe for dogs. Of course, in moderation, dogs can have raw or cooked (steamed or mashed) carrots. Carrots are nutritious low-calorie dog treats.

Whether your dog is small, large, obese, at risk for obesity, or even diabetic, carrots can be a great addition to their diet. Many benefits come from giving your dog carrots.

All of the hidden benefits and answers to the question of are carrots good for dogs will be answered below, so keep on reading to learn how to get your dogs the most benefit from this little orange vegetable.

Are Carrots Safe For Dogs

Are Carrots a Safe Dog Treat?

Yes, dogs can enjoy carrots as a nutritious and safe substitute for other dog treats. Carrots are low-calorie, which means they are a wonderful substitute for treats for dog breeds that have a higher increased risk for obesity, like the Golden Retriever breed. In fact, data collected by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 63% of Golden Retrievers suffer from obesity, which can cause many health problems for your beautiful golden, like heart problems, joint damage, and even cancer. So, carrots and other healthy veggie options are much better alternatives to store-bought treats that may include excess sodium, preservatives, and have no nutritional value. Also, many dog foods already include carrots in their ingredients because it offers low-calorie vitamin inclusion.

How Many Carrots Can I Give My Dog?

While carrots can be a healthy treat alternative for your dog, it is important to remember that there is such a saying as too much of a good thing, and in the case of carrots for an adult dog, one is the limit.

You should not feed your dog more than one carrot a day ( medium to large-sized carrot is about 7 and 9 inches = 3 to 4 baby-cut carrots), and it should be chopped up to avoid choking hazards. A puppy should only be given about half a carrot a day and no more.

Carrot Dog Choking Hazard Reminder

Carrots can pose a choking risk, especially for dogs that gulp their food at mealtimes. For safety and to eliminate a choking hazard, it is best not to give your dog a whole carrot. Cut the whole carrot into small bite-size pieces.

Which is Better: Raw or Cooked Carrots For Dogs?

In general, there seems to be no preference one way or another about cooking the carrots for your dog other than their preferred method of consumption. Some sources state that lightly steaming the carrots is the best way to prepare them for your dog as this retains the most nutritional value, while also allowing the cellulose present in the carrots to pass through easier.

Fiber Found in Vegetables

Cellulose is present in many veggies and cannot be digested in dogs or humans, so while it may make it run through their digestion easier, there is no amount of cooking that will allow them to digest it, but that is okay. The inability to digest cellulose does not harm your dog, just as it doesn’t harm us. In short, dogs can eat raw, cooked, pureed, or even juiced or grated carrots, which are all acceptable and nutrient-rich forms your dog will enjoy.

Benefits of Carrots for Dogs

Carrots provide many benefits for your dog, all at low-calorie levels, which can be enjoyed even for dogs on a strict diabetic or obesity prevention diet. Carrots include many vitamins and minerals that are essential to keep your dog in tip-top health. It is first and foremost a great source of beta carotene and vitamin A.

These both help to promote good vision, and immune health, fight off infections, and can even give your dog a shiny coat and may help with issues such as dry skin. Carrots can also provide a great source of fiber, which promotes digestive health and healthy stool production.

How to Give Your Dog Carrots

The best way to give your dog carrots is as a replacement for treats on their own. These can be prepared in any fashion raw, cooked, or even pureed. Another great way to give your dog carrots is by including them in small amounts in their food, such as grating them over the top of their usual meals. The most important thing to remember is to chop up the carrots so that your dog will not choke when trying to eat them. Be careful giving your dog (especially puppy) baby carrots as these can also be a choking hazard.

can dogs eat carrots

FAQs Carrots and Dogs

H3: Can carrots give dogs diarrhea?
Carrots are a great source of fiber which can promote healthy and firm stools when fed to dogs in moderation. However, if dogs are given an excess of carrots and even other fiber in their diets, it can have the opposite effect and cause them to have loose stools. The overabundance of the presence of carrots which have natural sugars and fiber, in a dog’s diet can also cause other digestive issues such as gas, bloating, and diarrhea.

Do carrots help dog’s teeth?

Carrots are not only a healthy option for your dogs to enjoy with their food or as treats. They can also help with their dental hygiene. Dogs don’t have a toothbrush, and many owners have never even heard of cleaning their dogs’ teeth because chewing on things can help knock off the plaque that builds up in their mouths. You may have seen commercials for several dog treats and bones that boast that they will clean your dogs’ teeth, and while it is not the same as brushing your dogs’ teeth, this is true!

Carrots can be another great replacement for hard bones or expensive treats, and they achieve the same goal of allowing your dog to chew on something hard to knock debris and plaque off of their teeth. A good tip is to freeze pieces of the carrot and allow your dogs to chew on them, it makes them last longer, and if you have a teething puppy, the frozen carrot can help them with those uncomfortable growing teeth.

Can puppies eat carrots?

Yes, puppies can eat carrots. Just like adult dogs, they make great snacks. Frozen carrots can be great for teething and puppy dental health. Though puppies can safely enjoy carrots, they should be given to them in even more moderation than adult dogs due to their smaller body size.

Can dogs eat carrots every day?

Carrots are good for your dog but even still, the number of carrots you include in your dog’s diet should be in moderation and should depend on the size of their meals and the size of your dog in general. Things like carrots or other additional food items should not end up being more than 5 to 10 percent of your dog’s total diet. This means that while carrots are a good source of vitamins and nutrients, they should remain a side dish served in moderation and portion out according to your dogs’ usual main dietary sources.

Does your dog like to eat carrots?

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