The smartest kitten in the world crawled into a brand new Jaguar! πŸ†

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It is quite incredible how a kitten who was born just a few weeks ago can be so smart! When we got the text about him on the #HopeForPaws line, Loreta Frankoynte and I headed out, and with the amazing team at Galpin Jaguar, we were able to save this little guy.

It is so cool to see how #Jaguar who was never handled by a human and gave us a hard time rescuing him, made a total switch once we had him (even though I had to pull him by the tail) and became such a loving kitten.

I really hope you will watch until the end to see how cute he is with me ❀️

If you would like to adopt him, please contact our friends at #Room8:

If you have a full house and can’t adopt another cat, please join us today with a small donation and help us save more lives. It is kitten season, and my whole team is now out on rescues. Caring for them takes time, we want to share happy endings, but so many of the babies are so small and we’re waiting for them to grow so we can share cute videos. If you can, please sign up today for a $5 recurring donation here:

Thank you so much for your support and thank you so much #GalpinJaguar in Van Nuys, California for your willingness to do whatever it takes to save a life!!!


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