Less Than a Month Kitten with Cervical Spine Fracture Cured

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This little kitten was found dying alone. She’s just around a month old. She couldn’t hold her neck and many maggots infested her. We didn’t know what’s happened to her.

The vet confirmed she has a cervical spine fractured and brain-injured. It’s such a worse case and no one thought she would have survived. They started her with painkillers and removed all the maggots.

She needed to wear the cast to fix her cervical fracture. She’s so little but she fights for life. She didn’t give up and she fought the pain each day. She is a little warrior. She received good medical treatment and loving care.

Her neck is much better after just a week. She can move and eat by herself. She is survived and safe. Her recovery is so amazing. Thanks to all the amazing vets and everyone for rescuing her. Your love and kindness made it possible.

Share her story and pray for her.

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