Even a sick cat can give a fight – always use caution to avoid a painful bite πŸ›‘

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It doesn’t matter how much experience you have – a bite is always painful and I always ask my team to do whatever they need to do to avoid it as it can affect their ability to go on the next rescue.

JoAnn Wiltz and Alex Babcock headed out to rescue Kyle, and I am really happy they didn’t get injured after he got away three times! Luckily, Alex managed to get him as he was making a run for it πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

Kyle suffered from Plasma Cell Pododermatitis (“Pillow foot”), and he is now feeling much better.

It is kitten season out there, and it’s raining kittens over here. We just had to buy so much kitten formula, hospitalize a few sick kittens, and this will keep happening for the next two months (at least)!

If you can, we would LOVE IT if you could join us with a $5 monthly donation to help us save many more lives. We are going to be a much stronger organization if we can find 20 people to donate $5 each than if we find one person to donate $100: ❀️

If you would like to adopt Kyle, please contact our friends at The Kitty Bungalow:

Thank you so much for your support!


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