Can Dogs Eat Jackfruit? Is Jackfruit Safe For Dogs?

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As we humans experiment with things like jackfruit as a meat substitute, it’s only natural to wonder if this is something we can share with our furry friends. But can dogs eat jackfruit? Is this a healthy meat alternative for them, as well?

Unfortunately, the short answer is no because there just isn’t enough information at this time. It may turn out that this is a perfectly healthy fruit to share with your dog, but we just don’t know yet.

Jackfruit only gained popularity in the states very recently. Whatever information is out there is largely conjecture-based.

However, you must always bring something like this to the attention of your veterinarian before sharing new foods with your dog. They tend to keep tabs on trends and will know if and when new information is available. Trust their expertise over internet musings, always.

Why Is Jackfruit Bad For Dogs?

At this time, the only clear-cut thing that makes jackfruit bad for dogs is the limited information we have about it. However, that may not be the case for very long as it’s becoming immensely popular here in the states, primarily as an alternative to shredded pork.

Still, it’s new and we just don’t know for sure. Jackfruit has been eaten in India and Sub-Saharan Africa for a mighty long time, though, and other mammals eat fallen jackfruit in those areas.

Plus, there are videos floating around of dogs going to town on massive jackfruit. Though, this is likely ill-advised, as fruit, in general, should be given to dogs in moderation.

Jackfruit is also related to mulberries, which are okay for dogs to eat. This has been peddled as a reason why it’s possibly healthy for dogs.

There just isn’t enough information, and it often takes time for that information to become available. Grapes, for instance, were only found to be toxic to dogs in the 1990s. And, as well all know, they’ve been around for much longer than that.

What Should I Do If My Dog Ate Jackfruit?

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At this time, there are no notable reports of Jackfruit toxicity in dogs, and no scientific reports that point towards concern. Accidental ingestion of jackfruit probably shouldn’t raise much alarm but should absolutely be monitored for allergic reaction.

If you’re keeping whole jackfruit around, be responsible about where you store it. This may be challenging since jackfruit can be quite large, weighing up to 100lbs.

The skin of the jackfruit is thought to be indigestible, and the seeds are massive — without a doubt, a choking hazard, and seeds of all kinds tend to contain cyanide.

Often, jackfruit is bought pre-packed and pre-seasoned as an alternative to pork. This definitely shouldn’t be shared with your dog because those mixes often contain garlic, onions, and other unsafe foods or spices for dogs.

Also, cooking the jackfruit flesh won’t make any difference. The same lack of information exists for cooked jackfruit and dogs, as for raw jackfruit. Time will tell!

Have you ever tried jackfruit? Are you concerned about how your dog might react to it? Let us know in the comments below.

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