Can Dogs Eat Guava? Is Guava Safe For Dogs?

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Just about anything with guava in it, or the fruit on its own, is amazing. You may already love it wonder — can dogs eat guava? Can I share this bit of heaven with my dog?

Fortunately, the short answer is yes; guava is healthy and nutritious for dogs. It even comes with the added benefit of being easy to prepare, since the rind of the fruit is not at all toxic. It’s smooth like an apple, too, instead of spikey like the dog-friendly durian fruit.

Regardless of this being widely reported as a safe option for dogs, you must still run it by your vet. Any and all dietary additions should always come with veterinary consultation. They know your pup’s health and may have another reason for excluding something.

How Is Guava Safe For Dogs?

Ripe guava, in nearly all of its forms and variants, is healthy and safe for dogs to eat. It’s a delicious and fun treat to share with your dog; though, you might not want to share.

Loaded with vitamins A and K, this fruit aids your dog’s metabolism, bones, eyes, and immune system. Plus, it packs quite the vitamin C punch; four times the amount of an orange! Your dog produces this naturally, but a little extra won’t hurt.

Additionally, guava contains pectin, which is an anti-diarrheal compound. If this is something that your dog needs help with, then guava has even further benefits. On the flip side of that, of course, it might not be a great option for dogs who suffer from constipation. Consult your vet.

One of the best things about guava, though, is how easy it is for you to prepare. The rind is safe for dogs to consume, which gives it an edge over some other fruits. Seeds can be a choking hazard, but they’re easy to remove, as well.

How Can I Safely Give Guava To My Dog?

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Guava, just like any fruit, should be fed to your dog in moderation. Sugar content is significant in fruit, and the total amount of your dog’s sugar intake should be monitored. Over-indulging can also lead to upset stomachs and diarrhea.

Every type of guava is safe for your dog, as well. However, certain preparations should be avoided.

For instance, humans love guava tea and guava paste, but neither should be provided to your dog. Guava tea is made from its leaves and causes stomach upset, while paste contains a very high concentration of sugar and should be avoided, as well.

However, dried guava, and even sugar-free variants of guava yogurt, are also okay.

Just stick to the rule of moderation, and if you serve the guava fruit itself, make sure it’s ripe. Unripe guava is a darker green than ripe guava. Ripened guava will also give to the touch, much like avocado does.

Have you ever shared guava with your dog? How did they like the taste? Let us know in the comments below.

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