Can Dogs Eat Beets? Are Beets Safe For Dogs?

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Can dogs eat beets? You may be asking this because you think your doggo would enjoy an interesting new snack. Or maybe they snuck a nibble of a beet already, and you want to know if they’re safe. Humans can eat beets, so are they also safe for dogs to eat?

The short answer is yes, beets are safe for dogs to eat. They’re actually wonderful treats for your pup, as they contain vitamins and minerals that promote your dog’s overall health.


However, as with all other human foods, you must contact your vet before feeding your dog beets just to be safe. Here’s what you should know about feeding beets to your dog.

How Are Beets Good For Dogs?

Raw beets contain a large amount of folate, or folic acid, which aids in a dog’s cell growth and can improve skin and coat health. Beets are also high in vitamin C and potassium, both of which improve digestive health in your dog.

Folic acid and vitamin C also boost your pup’s immune system, which is never a bad thing, especially if your pup loves to peruse muddy or watery areas that can be rich in bacteria.

If your dog is an adventurer, you might also want to check out our 13 Essential Items To Have In Your Dog’s First Aid Kit — beets not included, but always an option.

Although dense, beets are low in calories and contain zero cholesterol. Because of this, you might consider feeding your dog beets as a treat over traditional dog snacks that might be calorie-rich or high in cholesterol, as the majority of caloric intake for your pup should ideally come from their food.

How Can I Safely Give Beets To My Dog?

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Because they’re a great source of vitamins and have a consistency that most dogs enjoy, beets are a great veggie to give your dog. One great thing about beets is that your dog can eat them raw or cooked.

As with all other veggies, organic is the best option. Make sure you give your beets a wash before feeding them to your dog. While beets boost immunity, you should always minimize the amount of pesky critters, dirt, or lingering pesticides your dog ingests.

Because raw beets retain their folic acid, you may prefer to feed them to your pup over cooked beets. Regardless of whether you feed them to your dog raw or cooked, you should chop or puree the veggie to aid in digestion.

Just remember that, like with humans, beets can tint stool a pink or red color. This is normal, and you should not be alarmed to see this in your dog after feeding them beets.

Has your dog ever eaten beets? Do you have any tricks for making them a special treat for your pup? Leave us a comment below!

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