Senior Dog Is Stolen Moments Before Brooklyn Family Planned To Move To Florida

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Carl Magloire and his family were looking forward to moving across the country. They currently live in Brooklyn, New York, but they were ready to move to Florida. However, on the same day they were planning to leave, their worst nightmare happened.

As Magloire was packing his car and getting ready to travel, someone stole his beloved Pomeranian named Fresco. Fresco had been with the family for over a decade, and they couldn’t imagine moving without him. Now, Magloire refuses to leave Brooklyn until he knows his furry friend is safe.

Pomeranian stolen in Brooklyn

Dog Disappears at the Worst Time

At around 1 am, Magloire and Fresco were outside getting ready to move. Fresco wasn’t on a leash at the time, and Magloire got distracted by a commotion across the street. When he wasn’t looking, the 13-year-old Pomeranian wandered off and disappeared.

A nearby security camera caught part of the event on video. While it didn’t record the suspects picking up the dog, the footage shows two people wearing hoodies and holding a small dog. It’s hard to tell, but the dog looks like Fresco. The suspects talk to each other for a few moments, and then they walk off with the dog, not looking back.

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People stealing Pomeranian

Magloire and his wife recently bought a house in Florida, so they were getting ready to move as soon as possible. Magloire was supposed to hop on a flight with Fresco that day, but he has since canceled his flight to look for the pooch. He has no idea when they’ll be able to resume their travel plans.

Finding Fresco

The couple and their son are pleading for the safe return of their dog. They are shocked that anyone would be heartless enough to take a senior dog from an innocent family. Magloire refuses to move to Florida until he has found their furry friend. Fresco is a part of the family, so they can’t leave him behind during such an important change in their lives.

Suspects leaving with Pomeranian

“Having a dog for 13 years, it’s not even a dog anymore. It’s like raising a child,” Magloire said.

The family didn’t hesitate to pause their big moving plans for their beloved pet. Magloire spread missing dog posters across Brooklyn in hopes of finding his four-legged family member. He’s offering a $500 reward for anyone who finds the dog. Fresco was stolen at the corner of Ocean and Church avenues. Any information on his kidnapping could make a huge difference.

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