Can Dogs Eat Blackberries? Are Blackberries Safe For Dogs?

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Blackberries are super healthy for humans, but can dogs eat blackberries? Healthy treats are important for dogs in moderation to head off potential problems like hip dysplasia or obesity, but are these berries a good option for rounding out a healthy diet for your pup?

Fortunately, the short answer is yes, dogs can eat blackberries. But as always, fruits should be shared with dogs in moderation. When it comes to the daily calorie intake for your dog, sugary items such as fruit should only comprise about ten percent.

However, the specific needs of your dog can vary. Always confer with your veterinarian before establishing or changing your dog’s diet. In the meantime, here are some facts about blackberries and dogs to assist in your dietary planning.

How Are Blackberries Safe for Dogs?

Not all of the health benefits from healthy human snacks translate over to our dogs. For instance, blackberries are rich in Vitamin C, which is great for humans. Dogs, however, produce Vitamin C on their own, without needing to ingest it.

These berries do provide dogs with fiber, water, vitamin K, and manganese, though. Plus, they’re very low in calories, fat, and carbs, which makes them a great choice for occasional healthy treats.

It’s important to keep these treats to small doses, though. Blackberries contain trace amounts of xylitol, a substitute sweetener, which is toxic to dogs. For poisoning to occur, however, your dog would have to eat a substantial amount. A few each day is completely okay.

How Can I Safely Give Blackberries to My Dog?

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While blackberries on the whole are safe for dogs, there are additional circumstances and best practices to consider.

Sugary treats, such as fruits and berries, are okay in moderation for healthy dogs. But for a dog already troubled by diabetes, these should be avoided.

Jams, also, should be avoided for all dogs, in general. They often contain additives and concentrated amounts of xylitol.

Now, perhaps you live near blackberry shrubs and are wondering if your dog can freely eat from them. This isn’t a good idea. Often these shrubs are sprayed with pesticides, especially in public recreational areas. When ingested by dogs, they can cause harmful, or even severe, health issues.

Additionally, these bushes are often inhabited by menacing wildlife, such as wasps and mosquitoes.

To feed your dog blackberries at home, wash them thoroughly. Then, feel free to have a bit of fun with serving them.

You can freeze them and stuff them in a toy, or toss them to your dog. You can bake them into homemade doggy treats — just be mindful of all ingredients used. Or your can puree them with peanut butter to pour over their usual meal.

Has your dog ever eaten a blackberry? Did they enjoy it? Let us know in the comments below!

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