Sick Stray Dog Suffering from Skin Infection Wandering Under Sun, 40°C Until She Meets Her Rescuer

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This is Orinoko, she was a stray dog. She was found wandering under hot weather, 40°C. She was exhausted, dehydrated, and suffering from a horrific skin infection. She also gets wounds, just by walking under 40°C.

She is only 4.7kgs and she’s positive with leishmania. They started her with antibiotics and vit B complex and allopurinol (0.5 tablets of 100mg 2 times a day). They also gave her additional vitamins and raw red meat for her red blood cells.

She’s getting fluffier by the day. She can have her rabies vaccine. The vets had been working very hard to help her. Little queen Orinoko is doing fantastic. Her days of suffering are over. Thank you so much to everyone and all donations covered her medical bills.

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Courtesy: Stray Aid Montenegro #paws-in-need #animal #dog

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