Puppy Rescued Just Hours from Dying – Emotional Moment!

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A man found a puppy in a car park in extremely bad shape. The puppy, covered in ticks and chemical burns, is severely anemic and unable to stand. He also has an ulcer on his left eye. This is a severe case and the puppy, approximately 3 months old, is named Summit.

Summit had been treated at The Man That Rescues Dogs Veterinary Shelter. The x-rays found no broken bones or anything out of the ordinary. He can’t walk due to his weakened, anemic state.

After two days in a trainer wheelchair, he surprised us when he stood up and began to walk on his own. He is able to walk much further as each day passes. His blood levels are returning to normal after treating his anemia.

Summit gets a lot of love from everyone. After only 28 days of hospitalization, Summit is now running again. Summit, you’re an inspiration to many others. Your kindness and love made the impossible possible.

The Man That Rescues Dogs team made sure he was well-fed, hydrated, and comfortable. Thank you for your support and we’re very grateful.

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Courtesy: The Man That Rescues Dogs

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