Poor Dog Severely Neglected by His Owner Never Gives Up on Life Finally He Meets His Rescuer

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This poor dog has been suffering from being neglected. He was left to die with no food and water. A good Samaritan coordinated to take him to a vet shelter. He’s just around 6 months but he suffered his entire life.

He battled for his life until his rescuer stepped in. He was so skinny and very anemic. You can see his ribcages. They started him with IV fluid and gave him blood transfusions.

They gave him good diets and good medical care. He needs time for his recovery. He gets better every day, he can walk and eats a lot. He’s such a brave dog. Despite his pain, he was so trusting and love everyone.

He’s now in his loving home where he will be loved for the rest of his life. We’re so thankful to everyone involved in rescuing him and giving him a second chance. This is an amazing rescue story that restored faith in humanity. Please share his story.

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