Poor Dog Family was Locked in an Abandoned House Rescued by a Local Community

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This poor dog family was locked in an abandoned house for many days. The mother dog cried for help but she was ignored by everyone there. She has cried and waited for help until a good Samaritan stepped in…

He reported to a local rescuer to help this poor family. Rescuers came up just in time and coordinated to take them to a vet clinic. We didn’t know who locked them and abandoned them. It’s so cruel and those people are monsters.

The poor family had no food or water and they would have died of hunger if nobody help them. But they are safe and being taken to a loving shelter.

They are such a sweet family but why heartless person did that? They have received medical service at SOS VETERINÁRIA. They didn’t have any critical health issues.

Thanks for the help of everyone involved in rescuing them. They will live a good life in their new home.

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