Two Weeks Old Puppy Abandoned Due to Her Birth Defect

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It’s heartbroken footage. This is little puppy was found crying alone. She has both back legs problems. Her condition was so bad. She’s most likely abandoned due to her birth defect.

She was taken to a home by a good Samaritan who spotted her. She was given milk and a warm bed but she cried a lot. She was spotted with no anus. She poop, and pee not properly…

She would not have survived without treatment. She was born with swimmer syndrome and no anus. The surgery was performed successfully. But after 4 days of surgery, they discovered she has Hydronephrosis. Both kidneys were swelling.

She has received the best medical treatment and loving care. Finally, she can poop and pee normally. She’s now at her new home where she continues to recover her swimmer syndrome.

We pray for her to get fully recovered and grow up in good health and walk again normally. Thanks for taking care of her and giving her a blissful life.

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