Two abandoned dogs in two different locations become good friends after their rescue 🤗🤗

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YouTube just told me you missed one of our previous videos, so please see which one you skipped here: 😀

It’s so cool how these two dogs in two different rescue locations look like they are related even though one weighs 50 pounds more than the other. Luckily for both of them, people knew to call #HopeForPaws for help.

JoAnn Wiltz and Alex Babcock headed out to save Chester, and as they were getting ready to head back to the hospital, another call came in.

After receiving medical care, both continued to their foster home with our friends at #LAAnimalRescue so if you would like to adopt them, please visit:

Last thing: we are working on new volunteering opportunities for 2022 so we can continue to grow. We would love for you to join us here:

Thank you so much!


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