Dog Stuck in Snow with Horrific Wounds Waiting for Someone to Help on the Side of the Street

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A passerby spotted a dog on the side of the street. It was in freezing weather and snowing. The poor dog was unable to move and suffering from horrific wounds.

She asked other passersby to help and took him to a vet. We didn’t know how he was there waiting for help. He was cried so much in pain.

He had suffered from dog bite-wounds and a fibula was severely fractured. His leg was terribly swollen and the wounds are turned into horrific abscesses. They drained the fluid and pus from the wounds and the surgery has performed successfully to fix up the fractured fibula.

He needs rest and nursing care for his recovery. They help him to learn to walk after a week. He gets better everyday. He will run again and live a happy life.

Thanks for the help of all kind-hearted people. Your love and kindness gave him a new life.

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