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If you have either more than one dog–or a dog and cat–do you ever wonder if each is getting enough to drink? Fortunately, technology has come to our rescue in the form of the Felaqua Connect water bowl developed by Sure Petcare. This smart water bowl makes it possible to determine individual drinking behaviors of the pets in your home by reading your dog or cat’s microchip as he drinks.

The Felaqua Connect is a smart water bowl that uses your pet’s microchip to determine how much water he is drinking and how often he is drinking, using the Sure Petcare app for the Felaqua Connect.

The bowl also monitors its own water level and sends an alert when the water level is low.

Unlike a pet water fountain, the Felaqua Connect doesn’t recirculate the water–so there are no filters to hange. It dispenses the water from the reservoir as it is needed.

It doesn’t plug in so there’s no concern about your dog chewing a cord–and there’s no sound of pumping or running water.

Enter to Win

One lucky CatTipper/DogTipper reader will win a Felaqua Connect! Please visit our CatTipper giveaway post to enter to win…good luck!

This giveaway is sponsored by and fulfilled by Sure Petcare.

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