Rescue of a Homeless Dog with Body Injured and Skin Infection

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This is poor ISABELLA, she was found in so bad condition. She’s wandering alone in nowhere, starving and suffering from body injured and skin infection.

Sam Altair Mus and the team managed to take her to a vet clinic. It was a worst-case and she has suffered for a long time. She needed a lot of help and medical attention. They started her with IV fluid and antibiotics and treatment for pain.

They also gave her aloe vera lotion to heal her skin. She received all the best medication and loving care. After just 6 weeks of hospitalization, she’s now healthy and walks again.

Sam Altair Mus and the team for giving her a second chance. And we’re so grateful to all donations that covered her medical bills.

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Courtesy: Sam Altair Mus #dogrescue #animalrescue

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