Mom abandons sick kittens and with your help we will make them healthy! ❤️😺❤️

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Winter is almost here, and we keep finding homeless animals in need of medical care. Every month we provide these animals with everything they need so they can be healthy again and then find their loving forever homes. As you probably know, veterinary care costs a lot of money, and we really hope that you can join us today and contribute to our Medical Fund. We never want to slow down our rescue efforts for a fundraising effort and the best way to ensure that is to become a monthly donor so we can trust that we will have the needed funds. Please make a small monthly donation here:

On this rescue, JoAnn Wiltz and Alex Babcock were called to save a family of kittens who were abandoned by their mom. It is possible she abandoned them because they were sick and she just couldn’t help them 😿😿😿😿

Luckily, people know to call #HopeForPaws because they knew we would be able to assist by getting the kittens to the hospital, and thanks to our supporters, these kittens will get the best medical care.

#RingoStarr and the kittens, Finch, Magpie, Pigeon, and Chickadee are all in a foster home with our friends at The Kitty Bungalow and they are waiting for your adoption applications here:

#Thanksgiving is almost here and I wanted to THANK YOU for being a part of our organization! Sharing our videos, liking them, subscribing, watching the ads, donating, sending us cheerful cards to our mailbox – all these things help in this massive effort to save lives.

I wanted to share our mailing address because every holiday we love receiving cards, letters, drawings, and even dog and cat toys.

Hope For Paws
8950 W. Olympic Blvd #525
Los Angeles, CA 90211

Thank you so much!!!


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