Fur Laughs: Dog Goes Viral For Refusing A French Fry Until It’s Dipped In Ketchup [VIDEO]

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We have another viral dog on our hands — this time, it’s a very picky Labrador. The dog’s human posted quite a relatable video to Reddit of the pup refusing a french fry with no ketchup.

Reddit user 3askaryyy uploaded the clip of his fussy Labrador on October 26th, and within twelve hours, the post received over 37,000 upvotes.

The funny video now has over 65,000 views, along with over 700 comments.

What Good Is A French Fry With No Ketchup?!

In the video, you can clearly see that the human is munching down on some french fries off screen, while his Labrador eagerly watches.

Each fry that the human consumes prompts the dog to tap his nose against the underside of his arm as if saying, “Hey, what about me?” or, “Come on, man.”

We’ve all been subjected to this kind of guilt trip from our pups.

Finally, the human relents and offers a fry, but the Lab just looks on, unimpressed. Realizing that his human doesn’t understand the error, the pup nods its head towards the ketchup, prompting the Reddit post’s caption, “Dip it, man.”

Once the good human dunks the fry, the dog happily accepts it.

Opinions, Opinions, Opinions

(Picture Credit: Justin Paget/Getty Images)

On Reddit, opinions fly like locusts when something gains this kind of upvote recognition.

Several fellow Reddit users called the pup a “picky boy,” while others defended him as having completely understandable “standards.” A few others shared stories of their own pups being picky about what they require offered morsels to be dipped in.

Some users, however, took the video a bit more seriously.

A user identified as MySockHurts relayed disappointment in a dog being fed food that is bad for them becoming “a trend on social media.”

And another scolded the dog’s human for rewarding “annoying behavior,” to which NoThisIsABadIdea responded, “Do you feed yourself perfectly? As long as it’s not literally toxic to the dog, I don’t see harm in a little treat.”

Are French Fries & Ketchup Harmful To Dogs?

French fries and ketchup are not toxic to dogs, but they’re not particularly great for them, either. DogTime has covered this in detail before.

You can find out more about whether dogs can eat ketchup here, and you can read about whether dogs can eat french fries here!

Newsweek cited Dr. Heidi Houchen, an Oregon ER Veterinarian with VCA Northwest Veterinary Specialists, as saying, “Feeding french fries, or other fat-laden sweets, can cause stomach upset and diarrhea, at the very least.”

That citation goes on to mention that “breed or genetic predisposition” plays a heavy hand in determining how a dog’s digestive system will handle fatty foods.

Do you have any issues offering your pup occasional less-than-healthy treats, such as a french fry? Is your pup picky about what you dip things in like the dog in the video? Let us know in the comments below.

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