Dog-Approved Trader Joe’s Chew-cuterie Dog Treats

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Charcuterie boards are so popular now that it’s trending for dogs. Many call it “Barkcuterie” which consists of dog-friendly healthy treats like dog biscuits, fruits, and vegetables. Recently, Trader Joe’s released “Chew- cuterie” dog treats.

Trader Joe’s Chew-cuterie Dog Treats

Your dog will Woof for more for these bite-sized cheddar cheese, salami, provolone cheese, and prosciutto flavored dog treats. A box of Trader Joe’s Chew-cuterie dog treats cost $3.29. Both Koru Bear and Kenzo had a wooftastic time taste-testing these dog treats. Watch their Taste-Test Dog Approved Trader’s Joe Chew-cuterie Dog Treats video from our Golden Woofs YouTube channel.

We were told that Trader Joe’s dog treats are made in a bakery that makes baked goods for people. Trader Joe’s is committed to offering the very best to their dog owner shoppers. These Chew-cuterie treats are only available for dogs. There’s no doubt Trader Joe’s will make one for their cat owner shoppers.

Your dogs deserve their own yappy hour with Trader Joe’s Chew-cuterie Dog Treats.

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