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Massive, 72-Acre Doggy Daycare In Montana Gives Dogs Space To Roam

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Alpine Canine Pet Boarding and Daycare in Missoula, Montana, isn’t your average doggy daycare. Dog parents who use their services have the option of mobile hikes their dogs can enjoy. All aboard the Buddy Bus!

Per their website: “The Adventure Hike features three hours of off-leash exploration on our private property which is 72 fenced acres, over 4 mile of trails, and 3/4 mile of free-flowing water. We’re located just on the outskirts of Missoula making it a perfect location for your dog to bark, play and just be a dog.” Amazing, right?

NBC Montana tagged along for day with Alpine Canine Pet Boarding and Daycare volunteers as they picked up pooches and explained their slice of heaven.

A Wide-Open Space For Dogs To Socialize & Play

“It’s like a school,” said Isaac, a Buddy Bus driver after making his pickups. “You bring your kid and drop them off, then through their own means they will find their friends.”

Shannon, another volunteer, explains that pet parents “want an open space for their energetic canine friends to burn off some of that energy” so they’ll feel good and tired when they get home.

“The dogs are allowed to run on at the base of Grant Creek,” she continued. “Just open space for those dogs to run and play.”

Jason McDonald, a customer of Alpine Canine Pet Boarding and Daycare, drops his dog Wrangel off almost every day. “He’s a very social dog and we live kind of by ourselves,” he said. “I want him to come out here and socialize with other dogs and people.”

Can’t The Dogs Just Run Away?

We know what you’re thinking. How do you keep track of dogs in 72 acres? The answer is simple: mutual trust.

Although Isaac admits that a few of the dogs “like to explore beyond their sights,” they trust them enough to come back — and they always do. “They will be slightly beyond the ridge out of sight, but every single time they come back when we’re ready to leave.”

Apryl, another volunteer, states that the dogs are just happy to be there to roam free with their own. “They accept each other for being dogs,” she said. “That’s all they want to do. They show each other kindness and affection.”

If you have concerns about your dog roaming free, Alpine Canine Pet Boarding and Daycare also offers a “10,000-square-foot turf indoor” play area where your dog can freely stretch their legs as well.

The Purpose of Alpine Canine Pet Boarding & Daycare

The staff of Alpine Canine Pet Boarding and Daycare offer their insights into a day in the life as a volunteer and what drew them to such meaningful work.

“I’m seeing how dogs interact with each other in an off-leash environment,” says Emma, a volunteer and a student at the University of Montana who is pursuing a degree in animal behavior. “It’s not contained. It’s very natural.”

A staff member named Shannon states that the hikes with the dogs are good for the soul. “The word is fulfilling. It fills you up daily. It fills your heart with this love of animals,” he explained.

“I think that getting into this career was motivated by the atmosphere. It’s working with living creatures. These pets are our family. Other than having kids, there’s anything more enriching than having pets in your life.”

We at DogTime agree!

If your dog spends time home alone during the day, you might want to consider a service like doggy daycare. DogTime has a guide to services for your dog while you’re away from home, including doggy daycare, here!

What do you think of the huge Alpine Canine Pet Boarding and Daycare? Would your dog love to attend this massive, natural daycare with other pups? Then let us know in the comments below!

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