Little Stray Puppy with Sarcoptic Scabies Rescued

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This little Agustín was spotted by a woman. The poor soul was in very bad condition. He had suffered from sarcoptic mange. He was very anemic, dehydrated, and lost all hope.

He would have not survived another week or even another day without treatment. Thank God! he was taken to a vet in time. He was so tiny, only 1.3kg.

They gave him antibiotics, IV fluid and removed all fleas from his body. Agustín has received all the best medication and loving care. His condition is much better after just a day.

He started to play and so trusting. He started his new life full of hope and joy. His new parent will never let him down. Agustín is a lovely little boy. He’s so brave and mighty.

He will never suffer again and forgets all the past. We’re so thankful for the help of everyone. Your kindness and love give him a beautiful life.

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